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Avemore Pte Ltd is a Corporate company with 50 Million USD Turnover diversified organisation that has been serving its business customers for more than fifteen years across Asia and the Middle East. The Group has also diversified in Real Estate in Thailand and also in Information Technology in India and Singapore.

Our reputation has been built by solid work experience in various diversified businesses including non-ferrous metals, railway equipment and machinery, railway labour contracting, steel, food products, construction material, machinery and equipment among others.
An active partner in our client’s progress, we believe in creating real value for our customers with commitment, integrity and a promise to deliver.

33 UBI Avenue 3, #02-05/06, Vertex, Singapore 408868
Phone: +65 6334 8123 Fax: +65 6334 8154
Email: enquiries@avemore.com.sg
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